Normand J Audie Scholarship Fund


mmediately after Normand's death, we received a tremendous outpouring of support from family and friends. For that, we continue to be forever grateful. We have all drawn strength from each other. And as big as Normand's network was, it was obvious that we should do something to memorialize and perpetuate his being.

With the urging and assistance of many others, we have chosen to establish a scholarship fund to aid in the education of other students who share some of the same passions that Normand had. It is certainly something that Normand would have wanted.

To that end, a non-profit scholarship fund has been established at Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution (Saco, Maine, USA): the Normand J Audie Scholarship Fund. The fund is an independent legal entity that is professionally managed. The intent is to build the fund and provide financial assistance for post-secondary education, while also reserving funds for future growth and award. With this approach, the fund will eventually be able to continue to grow on its own and help many others.

The fund currently provides two awards to students who have and will follow the same educational path that Normand did.

  • We make one award each year to a student of the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology who will be going on to enroll as a degree candidate at a post-secondary school or college.
  • We make one award each year to a graduate of Thornton Academy who will be enrolled as a degree candidate at a Maine Community College.

To that end, we will be raising funds throughout the year and will be making awards each spring during high school graduation.


If you believe that further education is a worthy cause, or if you share in any of Normand's passions (see below), you can participate in continuing his name and his legacy. Please support our efforts.

Donations can be forwarded directly to:

Normand J Audie Scholarship Fund
c/o Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution
50 Industrial Park Road
Saco, Maine  04072


Please make checks payable to:
Normand J Audie Scholarship Fund



  • Building Trades - Normand was passionate about his chosen career. Even though he died at 21 years old, he knew for many years that he wanted to be a builder. After completing his education in Building Construction Technology at Eastern Maine Community College, he had just begun his working life.... then it was snuffed out. He was so proud of what he was doing, and he looked forward to running his own crew and starting his own business someday. We were going to flip houses....
  • Volunteerism - Normand was always on the go. As those who loved him know, he was usually off helping somebody else - moving furniture, shoveling snow, taking in boat docks, giving someone a ride, and whatever else somebody needed. He spent many countless hours working year-round on the LaKermesse Festival. He was so looking forward to being part of the 25th anniversary festival in 2007.
  • Car Detailing - Nobody knew why he got so much pleasure in working so hard at cleaning the inside and outside of any vehicle. We used to joke that if you came over to visit for more than a few minutes, Normand would be out in the yard washing the paint off your car. He had many dream cars - he just hadn't owned any of them yet. He couldn't wait to buy his first sports car.... but he'd have to wait.
  • Outdoors - Whether he was four-wheeling, or ice fishing, or hiking, playing baseball, or just doing yard work, Normand couldn't stay in the house. He loved outdoor activities. Just a couple weeks before his demise, he went on a hike to a fire tower with some of his closest friends. He thought it was the absolute greatest thing that he was able to climb to the top of that abandoned tower and see forever across the treetops.
  • Motorcycles - Normand tinkered and toiled over clunkers all through high school and college. He must have painted that one old gas tank more than a dozen times to get it just right. And then we surprised him with an early college graduation and birthday gift - the Honda CBR600RR of his dreams. With tears in his eyes, he said, "Man, it's gonna be a great summer!" Takin' a quick spin through the square in Old Orchard Beach gave him as much joy as anything.
  • Fallen Motorcyclists - Sadly, Normand will posthumously support the cause of fallen motorcyclists, driver awareness, and driver safety. Having been killed on his motorcycle after a collision with an oncoming car, this cause will be forever linked to Normand's death.

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Love, Dad