2010 Normand J. Audie Memorial Ride

The fifth annual and FINAL ride took place on Saturday, August 21, 2010. "Take-off" was at Five Points Shopping Center, 420 Alfred Street, Biddeford (MAINE), at 10:00 a.m.  The ride also landed at Five Points Shopping Center at noon. Breakfast was served before the ride, starting at 7AM. A barbecue with food & music took place in the afternoon.

The memorial rides have been a tremendous success. They raised the bulk of the funds that will perpetuate the scholarship in Normand's name, and they provided a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to fellowship and celebrate Normand's life. We owe a tremendous debt to so many people and agencies who have helped us. It has been touching, humbling, and gratifying. Thank you all!

The logistics and requirement for traffic coordination became such that we cannot continue to justify the public inconvenience, expense, and safety risks. Fortunately, we reached a financial goal that will allow Normand's scholarship awards to continue indefinitely.

If you wish to contribute to the scholarship by registering for the last official ride, you can do so below.

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more than 300 bikes & cars....

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This ride is a 50-mile police motorbike escorted ride which starts and ends at Five Points Shopping Center, Biddeford. It travels through Saco, Buxton, Gorham, Scarborough, and Old Orchard Beach. From the time you take off at 10AM, your feet will not touch the ground for the next 2 hours. Registration for the ride & day's events is $10. All proceeds go to the Normand J Audie Scholarship Fund.

August 21, 2010 Agenda (tentative)
7:00 a.m. breakfast sandwiches and coffee for sale
7:00 a.m. on-site registration for ride starts
9:45 a.m. rider's briefing and send-off prayer
9:58 a.m. "Riders.... Start your engines...."
10:00 a.m. take-off
10:30 a.m. hamburgers/hot dogs for sale - D.J. music
12:02 p.m. bike riders return to Five Points Shopping Center
12:02 p.m. Barbecue

2010 Ride Timeline.... when will the ride be going through your intersection??

Time on Clock Miles ElapsedTime
5 Points Shopping Center, Biddeford 10:00 AM 0.00 0:00:00
5 Points, Biddeford 10:01 AM 0.48 0:01:09
South & Elm, Biddeford 10:03 AM 1.28 0:03:02
Main & Elm, Biddeford 10:03 AM 1.47 0:03:29
Lincoln & Elm, Saco 10:04 AM 2.02 0:04:48
Spring & Bradley, Saco 10:05 AM 2.32 0:05:29
Franklin & Bradley, Saco 10:06 AM 2.72 0:06:26
Norm's House, Saco 10:07 AM 3.09 0:07:18
Franklin & North, Saco 10:07 AM 3.18 0:07:32
Turnpike Overpass, Saco 10:09 AM 4.08 0:09:39
Tory Hill, Buxton 10:26 AM 11.21 0:26:40
Roberts Corner, 202/4a, Buxton 10:28 AM 12.07 0:28:42
Reynolds Motorsports, Buxton 10:32 AM 13.46 0:32:00
Amato's, 114/202, Gorham 10:43 AM 18.30 0:43:34
South St, 114/22, Gorham 10:50 AM 21.22 0:50:32
Route 114 & Payne Rd, Scarborough 10:59 AM 25.07 0:59:43
Oak Hill, Routes 1/114, Scarborough 11:05 AM 27.48 1:05:26
Dunstan Corner, Scarborough 11:12 AM 30.45 1:12:31
Pine Point, Scarborough 11:20 AM 33.62 1:20:04
OOB Square, OOB 11:25 AM 35.96 1:25:38
Ocean Park, OOB 11:28 AM 37.15 1:28:28
Bayview, Saco 11:31 AM 38.28 1:31:10
Camp Ellis, Saco 11:34 AM 39.55 1:34:11
Beach & Main, Saco 11:43 AM 43.54 1:43:42
Amtrak Downeaster, Saco 11:44 AM 43.93 1:44:38
Hill & Main, Biddeford, Biddeford 11:45 AM 44.25 1:45:23
Pool & Hill, Biddeford 11:45 AM 44.50 1:45:56
Pool & Meeting House, Biddeford 11:50 AM 46.61 1:50:57
West & Guinea, Biddeford 11:54 AM 48.28 1:54:56
5 Points, Biddeford 12:01 PM 51.16 2:01:47
5 Points Shopping Center, Biddeford 12:02 PM 51.54 2:02:40

There were countless volunteers and participants who helped to make the 2009 ride a rousing success. A tremendous Thank You to all of you!!

We hope to see you all in August....

sponsored by: DJ DrDave

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