Normand's Mom for a visit....
Norm's Mom for a visit....


As some of you may know, Normand was cremated. He is not in a cemetery for you to visit. Instead, a memorial park bench for Normand has been placed on the beach at Bay View in Saco. While sitting on the bench, you can visit with Normand and meditate to the calming sounds of the ocean. In addition, as in the picture above, you can see the breakwater off to the right, where Normand spent many hours fishing and having fun with his friends. And if you look off to the left while sitting on the bench, you can see The Pier at Old Orchard Beach at the foot of the square where Normand loved to cruise with friends on his bike. The picture below is a rendering of the plaque that is on the bench.

The bench is located on the beach off the very end of Bay View Road, Saco, Maine, USA,
at N43° 29.107', W70° 23.126'

Put in place Saturday, October 14, 2006, 4:40 PM

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Love, Dad